Minerals Plan - Examination in Public

Following the Submission of the Minerals Plan the Secretary of State  appointed Inspector Andrew Mead BSc (Hons) MRTPI MIQ to conduct the Examination into the Greater Manchester Minerals Plan.

Formal Hearings

The examination into the soundness of the Submitted Minerals Plan commenced at the Pre-Hearing meeting on 6th December 2011, with hearing sessions over two days during February 2012 and an additional morning on 21st November 2012. The Hearing Sessions took place in Stockport Town Hall.

The list of Matters that were considered and Hearing Statements can be found on this website  Here or via the document library menu option.

The Inspector published his final report in January 2013 and the Minerals Plan was adopted in April 2013.

 Further Information:-

The document library used during the Examination has been retained on this website for information puposes.

Click Here to view the archive document library.



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