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Minerals Plan website - update 3rd March 2014

The minerals Plan has been adopted by each of the ten Greater Manchester authorities, through approval by each Full Council and came into force on Friday 26th April 2013.

A copy of the following documents can be found in the document library:
The Adopted Plan;
Sustainability Appraisal;
Habitats Regulations Assessment;
Adopted Statements by each of the ten Greater Manchester Planning Authorities; and
Strategic Environmental Assessment Adoption Statement.

They are in the document library under the table called Adopted Minerals Plan Documents or  Click Here

The Minerals Plan now forms part of the statutory Development Plan for each authority and will be used alongside district-specific planning documents for the purpose of determining planning applications.

If you wish to discuss the Minerals Plan, please contact the relevant Planning Authority as shown on the contacts list.

 For all other queries, the Minerals Planning Team can be contacted on the following telephone number (0161) 779 6182

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